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stilted Akos for ASH Magazine


by Richard Learoyd


instead of telling men “not to act like such a girl” shouldn’t we be telling them to act more like a girl? act like a girl and have the courage to pursue careers where you are so grossly underrepresented, to walk down the street every single day and go out in public despite the very real threat of…


“I came upon twin fawns in the display case of a mom and pop toy and science store in kansas city, missouri. it took me two years to win the trust of the shop owner and save the money to buy them. a taxidermist spotted a dead deer by the side of the road. he stopped to properly dispose of the body and realized she was pregnant. he opened her and found near full-term twin fawns, he removed and preserved them. Deer rarely have twins and the taxidermist retained the uterine gesture of their bodies. i built them a vitrine with a light blue base. their prematurity exaggerates the delicacy of an incredibly sweet thing. the points of their hooves, the length of their lashes, the spots of their hides, nose to small nose in an ur-cartoonish realism … viewers’ eyes trick them into believing the fawns are breathing. the tragedy of beauty is its transience. The twins live forever in their own demise. they are sleeping beauties. they have been muses since i first saw them.We dress death in lilies and bronze the names of our dead sons on walls. we erect altars of toys and hold candlelight vigils to express hope. my twin fawns sleep endlessly on their baby blue block in my studio. the twins never opened their eyes yet their wondrous fatality evokes an acceptable alternative to death.”
-Peregrine Honig

Leticia Lamb and Katia Selinger by Nicole Heiniger for Elle Brasil May 2014.

“ Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. ”

— Unknown. (via youth-memories)

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Lily Donaldson by Richard Bush, Vogue Russia July 2012



I’m really liking this whole short hair thing

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ten Artsy kisses to celebrate the occasion. (Pictured: Sarah Anne Johnson, Kissing Gold, 2013)

M.I.A, Maya Arulpragasam a Tamil name for a British born girl. She has cranked out the most hybrid and transgressive hip hop out there. Vogue says ” Maya has succeeded in shaking up hip-hop, fashion, and ready-made notions of identity”.
Photograph & content source: Vogue magazine

Icebergspring/summer 2015